At the session held on Tuesday (December 17, 2013) in Sarajevo, members of the Joint Management Board of the Public administration reform fund have adopted the Project proposal and the Terms of Reference "Gender sensitive budgeting". This is unique attempt to introduce the principle of gender equality in our country through the budgets of governments. Gender sensitive budgeting unifies policies, budgeting and gender equality with the purpose of more transparent spending funds by the gender. Purpose of this project is an efficient support to planning and coordinating budgets in a segment of gender sensitive budgeting as supplemental part of the process of budget preparation and managing modern and transparent system of public finance management through applying information technologies.

Realization of project would enable budget beneficiaries of BiH administration levels to efficiently communicate with competent ministries of finance which will be approving the gender sensitive budget distribution proposal along with other segments of budget in the process of planning and through the established BMIS connections. This will also be the way for ministries of finance to have an efficient analysis and reporting budget segments which relates to the gender sensitive budgeting along with all other segments of budgeting which are needed for efficient and all-encompassing budget coordination.

Introduction of gender sensitive principle in legal, institutional and political framework in BiH is based on obligations from international documents, membership in international associations and principle of protection of basic human rights included in the Constitution of BiH. The project represents an upgrade of the modern BMIS system previously introduced in ministries of finance at all four administration levels.

Members of the JMB have also approved the Terms of Reference "Public private partnership". Objective of this project is the establishment of functional systems of public private partnership at all government levels in BiH in accordance to the European legislation, European standards and the best European practices, which opens up the road for investors to invest in our country.

Supported has also been the Project proposal and Terms of Reference "Establishment and/or Strengthening of the Capacities of the Institution/s for Control of Regulations and Establishment of the System of Reduction of Administrative Barriers". The project will establish the system of reduction of administrative barriers in proposals of regulations as well as in existing regulations through the mechanisms of estimating the impact of regulations, established and/or strengthened will also be capacities of institution/institutions accountable for control of regulations in a sense of administrative barriers.

Since the project relates to the reform area of Strategic planning, coordination and policy creation, its implementation will realize an objective from the Revised Action plan 1 of the PAR Strategy, which relates to establishment of required mechanisms for reaching the standards of quality of regulations/policies in departments of the CoM/governments.

All these projects represent the support for the public administration reform in order to build a professional, transparent and efficient public administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina.