The workshop, organized by the German Society for International Cooperation on November 23 and 24 this year at Jahorina, has represented a beginning of realization of the recently signed Agreement on implementation of the Program of strengthening public institutions in BiH.

The workshop is assigned for representatives of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, as a main partner in this Program, as well as the Central bank of BiH, the Agency for Statistics of BiH, the Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education of BiH and the Agency for Public Procurements of BiH, included in this Program.

The goal of this workshop was a presentation of individual action plans, with reference to the needs of these institutions in a sense of strengthening their administrative capacities. The participants of workshop, besides other, have been dealing with the issues of the advisory board, which will deal with common issues of progress in implementation of the Program and the criterions that need to be satisfied by institutions which will be included in this Program afterwards.  

One of the workshop conclusions is a necessity of strengthening coordination and communication mechanisms of administration institutions at the horizontal and vertical level. Specific plan of activities on developing mechanisms and standards in communication between institutions in BiH will be established. Representatives of these institutions have expressed their satisfaction by the establishment of cooperation and therefore they expect from such operational cooperation and coordination to be useful in faster execution of affairs among institutions. It will all contribute to their more successful and more efficient work.

Realization of individual programs of institutions that are the beneficiaries of this program has already started, and the first concrete results have been expected in first three months of 2012.