Ministers failed to reach consensus on the budget for next year. This is concluded at the 20th session of the Fiscal Council of BiH, held in Sarajevo today.

It has been jointly decided that the system that regulates current financing situations, ensures the fiscal accountability in 2011 until the adoption of the budget.

Members of the International Monetary Fund, who are staying in BIH for the fourth review under the stand by arrangement, attended the second part of the session.

At the meeting is discussed about fulfillment of the commitments within stand by arrangement and also about continuing implementation structural reforms in BiH.

It was pointed out, that all quantitative indicators of the program execution, as were planned, are fulfilled as of September 30, 2010. It has been  expressed expectation that the new government at all levels in BiH should continue fulfilling necessary measures for adaption, as determined  through the stand-by arrangement.

It has been concluded that there will be continued cooperation with the International Monetary Funf at the operational level by the end of the fourth review,is noted in a press release of the Council of Ministers.