Meeting of the Supervisory team for the implementation of Action Plan I Public Administration Reform Strategy in B&H for Human Resources Management with the proposed agenda:

1. Adoption of the agenda of the meeting

2. Adoption of the minutes from the previous meeting of Supervisory team for Human Resources Management

3. Information about implemented and planned activities within the process "Public Administration Reform in the field of Human Resources Management implementation“ along with presentation of draft of proposal measures for the revised content of Action plan 1 in the area of Human Resources Management.

4. Considering of project ideas from the Human Resources Management area which should be applied for IPA 2011  

5. Informing about ReSPA activities (Regional school for Public Administration) and initiative for improvment of coordination mechanism and cooperation with ReSPA in the up coming period.

6. Miscellaneous

will take place on Friday, November 05 2010, starting at 11:00 o'clock, at the premises of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.