Today, the Council of Ministers has adopted the Strategy of Public Procurement System Development in BiH for the period 2010 – 2015. Its goal is strengthening this system and achieving principles of transparent and efficient usage of public funds.

The intention is that the Strategy initiates development of concurrence at the market of commodities, services and works, as well as integrating BiH market into the market of the countries – CEFTA signatories, and finally, integrating BiH market into the EU market, has been notified from the Council of Ministers. Improvement of organization and coordination of allocated public funds with the goal of achieving the best economic effects in the public procurement system, as well as professional training and advancement in order to improve the skills and knowledge of employed, who deal with the public procurement procedures, has been stipulated as well.Introduction and application of modern communication technologies in the public procurement system and ensuring legal protection for all participants of this process with the goal to protect their rights and execute overtaken obligations, has been planned by this Strategy.

The Strategy had been based on obligations from the Priority Program of harmonization in legislative activities for implementing the European Partnership and the Interim Agreement, repots