Nezavisne novine: Around three hundreds disabled persons has yesterday invaded the session of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the FBiH, after the representatives have adopted the law by which between 40.000 and 100.000 persons with disability are being erased from the right on disability allowance.

When disabled have pushed away the policemen and entered the conference room, bodyguards have through the door which has been locked by then, taken out the prime minister of the FBiH, Nedžad Branković, minister for social policy, Perica Jelečević and several other ministers. After a quick export of leading people of the Government, some damages were noticed at the door due to abusive opening.

New law adopted

The House of Representatives has last night adopted the new law by which the rights of disabled persons with 60 to 90% of disability have been regulated, and which has been proposed by the Socio-Democratic Action and Party for BiH. The chairman of the SDA Club, Ibrahim Nadarević has said that the new law is not the result of yesterday's incident and pressures, but it has been prepared on Friday. "There was a political agreement that the House of Peoples adopts it on Thursday", Nadarević has said. At meeting of the Collegium of the House of Representatives with representatives of associations, before the adoption of new law, the biggest number of questions was related to how will the FBiH Government finance the new law if the rights have been reduced, because there is no money and why adopt the new law which regulates the same rights which have been removed by the changes of an old law.  

"For 50 years already, we have the social rights and this democratic government is taking them away from us. This is our first protest since 1947. and we will remain here unless the shameful law gets canceled. We will strike by hunger", has been said by one of the disabled.

Another one was showing his prosthesis 17 years old, and the others have been saying that they are hungry by yelling: "Kill us, Bevanda!"

"I have not bought the medicaments for myself for 18 months, and my wife is immobile", one of them has said.

Representatives, who have stayed in the hall, were not able to get out because the demonstrators did not allow them. While the mess in front of the door has lasted for several minutes before the entrance of disabled, representatives and all ministers from the Government of the FBiH have been looking silently, while seating peacefully at their seats.

After unexpected invasion, only the minister of finance, Vjekoslav Bevanda and minister of health care, Safet Omerović, have stayed seating in their chairs.

"I have also had uncomfortable situations, but I have not been running away as coward, as our prime minister did today. He should have stayed even if it meant for him to get a 'slap'", has been said by representative of the DNZ, Hafeza Sabljaković.

In continuation of session, after the three-hour break, prime minister has explained that in the meantime he had "the meetings with commercial banks, MMF and World Bank and economists". From the sources close to the FBiH Government, we have found out that the there has been a meeting with milkmen, who have not been satisfied with stimulations.

During the break of the session, several representatives of associations have proposed not to go out before the law gets abolished, and later they have said that they will not leave the hall.

After calming the tensions, there has been held a meeting of heads of the House of Representatives and chiefs of parties with the representatives of associations.

The chairman of the House of Representatives, Safet Softić has said that 15 days ago he received from police the request not to hold the sessions in the skyscrapers "Unitik", because that is the object of opened type in which it is hard to ensure a protection". Normally, renovation of hall of the Parliament of the FBiH is in the process.