Dnevni avaz: The European Union expects that the countries of the West Balkans, including BiH as well, will progress in 2009. each by its tempo towards the European Partnership and the process of stabilization and association, has been said yesterday for "Dnevni avaz" by Jirži Kudela, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, regarding the beginning of presiding by the European Union.

Test for domestic politicians

Kudela adds that "BiH must pass the path to the EU as unified", and that this is "a big test for domestic politicians – if they are ready for a compromise in the interest of the joint European path of the citizens of BiH".

– I personally think that this year is ideal for BiH. Our and Swedish presiding will have this region as one of the priorities, so BiH and other countries of region got offered a great platform for presentation of all results and successes on the path towards the EU – Kudela has said.

– Our main focus in connection with BiH will be liberalization of the visa regime and mutual contacts. For liberalization of visa regime, BiH must fulfill the conditions of the map of the path. If BiH decides to apply for a candidate status, it will be supported by Czech Republic as the presiding one, on all levels, under the condition that it progresses in fulfilling the tasks of the European Partnership and the process of stabilization and association – Kudela says.

When speaking of possibility of closing the Office of the High Representative, as a "specific question of BiH", as the Ambassador Kudela says, Czech Republic will support it "if all the conditions and guaranties of intensifying the role of the EUSR get fulfilled".

– Czech Republic is here to help BiH in getting closer to the EU, as it has shown that many times by now, but our help is not unconditional. BiH needs to show the unity and effort on its way towards the EU – Kudela says.