Dnevni list: The new building of the Federal Government in Mostar will be worked according to the project of one of the most known BiH architects, Amir Pašić. The project of this Mostar's architect, even though the complaint deadline of 15 days has not passed yet, was seen as the only and the best solution for this building.

The project, as we find out, has been chosen majorly because it connects the old and new, renovates the parts of the Austro-Hungarian objects at that location, and it also brings the new parts done in the glass, which as a goal have to unite the object with the Mostar's sky. The building totally respects the historic values of the object at given location, which have been built during the time of the Austro-Hungarian occupation – building of the railway administration and the hotel Wreg.

Heliodrome at the top of building

According to information by which we dispose, the new object will span itself on about 18.000 square meters and it will be, according to the demands of the City of Mostar, the same height as the hotel Ero, which has been placed nearly, it will have two floors of underground garages, the ground floor and six floors. In the building, in which for the beginning five federal ministries will be placed, will be all needed contents, and this will be one of the most modern state institutions in BiH. The projected object will have 10.000 square meters of the surface useful for working space in the part of the object above the ground, for 650 employees.

The basement is in the two levels for assisting contents and underground garage, and the heliodrom will be on the roof of the building.

All accompanying contents

According to the project, each ministry will in the building have an office of the minister, with a technical secretary, an office of the chief of the office and a saloon for meetings with 20 seats. Each administration will have the director's office, an office of the technical secretary and a saloon with 10 seats, on each floor there is a cafeteria and all necessary assisting contents for this type of buildings.

In the basement of building, besides the office for staff, there will be a conference room with 100 seats, a big saloon for media, a bank, a restaurant, café, store and many other contents. The building, which will cost the Federation hundreds million KM, will probably not be finished in the next year, but the plan for the integration to into the environment, which is redolent of  the Austro-Hungarian spirit, according to many, is a right match for an urban development of Mostar.