Dnevni avaz: 78 million Euros from the fund of the Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), which Bosnia and Herzegovina was supposed to receive in 2009., will not receive before 2010. The tenders for the projects which will be financed by the money intended for last year are being levied just now, and after that the projects intended for 2008.

– The Council of Ministers has brought the Decision on Nomination of the Project Leader for the IPA funds in order for us not to lose the time, because the projecting should be finished by the end of March of next year. After that, in Brussels will in September of 2009 be deliberated if the projects can be officially accepted – Osman Topčagić says for "Avaz".

According to him, the application of the IPA funds has been late in the institutions of the EU, but the slow implementation in BiH is guiltier for this.

– Other countries in region have probably finished the tenders for projects or they are in the final phase of finishing them – Topčagić has said.

The Deputy Minister of Finance of BiH, Fuad Kasumović has said for "Avaz" the problem, besides the slow administration, is also the fact that the projects must be realized by the regional developmental agencies, against which is the RS.

– The RS wants everything to go by the entity borders, because they think that the realization of the projects by the regional developmental agencies, which has been demanded by the EU, is prejudging of the new constitutional system, which is not correct. This economic crisis demands from us to be smart enough to take and direct the each pfennig into the realization of the projects – Kasumović has been categorical, by pointing out that such demand of the EU does not have any connection with politics.

300 laws in drawers

– Thanks to Nikola Šprić, over the years it has been waited on about 300 decision and proposals of laws which should have been put in the agenda of the sessions of the Council of Ministers. Meanwhile, he keeps it all in drawers for years – Kasumović has said.

The chairman of the European Integration Commission of the EU, Halid Genjac says that the problem is also in the fact that the entities directly apply for projects, but the state has been authorized for this.

– When in the EC they see that the project proposal has arrived from the entity, they immediately return it.  This gives a picture of us as unserious, and those are things on which it depends how fast we will apply – Genjac says.