Dnevni avaz: The Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs during the one-month control in nine cantons, has detected 691 unregistered workers, issued 6.436 penalty dictates and sentenced penalties in a value of almost five and a half million KM. The control has been done by the inspections of work, market, traffic, health care and the forestry.

– The most problems have been detected in the area of work relations. We have detected that the rules are being broken in a large measure because the employers do not pay contributions and irregularly pay the salaries. But, the improvements in relation to the previous controls have been obvious – has been said for "Dnevni avaz" by Ibrahim Tirak, director of the AIA.

Since the commodity of suspicious origin and quality is lately being often traded on the world market, special attention has been dedicated to the area of market.

So, the market inspectors from selling have withdrawn the commodity with non regulated declaration worth 190.480 KM. Tirak announces that already in January it will be continued with the controls in markets, catering and tourism.

– We have detected that a big number of those who have a license for crafts are not crfaters, but sellers. This has especially been obvious in Canton Sarajevo, so it is necessary that the authorized cantonal and municipal authorities re-examine the documentation which has been issued to them – Tirak says.

Results of controls per cantons

Number of controls
Unregistered workers
Penalty dictates
 HNK  1.485  213  1.089
 ZHK  791  36  450
  LK  194  32  187
 SBK  1.432  53  949
 TK  1.694  55  1.091
 Posavski  395  8  11
 KS  1.527  45  691
 ZDK  1.195  109  1.141
 USK  590  40  827