Meeting of the Supervisory Team for the Institutional Communication


Meeting of Supervisory Team for the area of Institutional Communication, with the following agenda: 1. Adoption of Rules of Procedures for the Supervisory Teams 2. Appointing of the Chairman of the Supervisory Team 3. Discussion on a Project Fiche from the Brčko District: "Support to the strengthening of civil participation at the local level" 4. […]

CEC will have permanent accommodation


Dnevni avaz: Central Election Commission (CEC) of BiH, finally, by the end of this year should have a permanent accommodation in Sarajevo street Danijela Ozme, at number 7. That way, the state budget will be relieved of a burden of almost 40.000 KM of monthly rent, which is being paid from the money of tax […]

In the Building of the President of the RS 10.9 million KM invested


Dnevni avaz:  By revision of the Financial Report of the Service of the President of the RS for 2007, the Main Service for Audit of the Public Sector of the RS established that earlier given recommendations were not executed, while some are still being removed, and that financial report is not giving fair and objective […]

Without requests for decrease


Nezavisne novine:  SARAJEVO – Parliamentary Commission did not receive even one request for decrease of proposed salaries of MPs, delegates, members of Presidency and the Council of Ministers of BiH, which are supposed to amount at least 6.000 KM. This was confirmed by Lazar Prodanović, deputy chairman of the Commission. “So far we received requests […]

Bevanda’s resignation was not accepted


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – Minister of finances of the FBiH, Vjekoslav  Bevanda, offered to the HDZ BiH resignation to the position of minister, because of his dissatisfaction with the relation the Government has with the Ministry he is leading. Information was confirmed by Bevanda himself, pointing out that the party which nominated him for minister […]

Law on Salaries adopted in a first reading


Nezavisne novine: The House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH adopted yesterday the Proposal of the Law on Salaries and Remunerations in Institutions of BIH, which stipulates that highest basic salary of 5.350 KM will be the one of the members Presidency of BiH and the president of the Constitutional Court of BiH. […]

Commission for election of BiH auditors completed their job


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – Commission for election of main auditor and deputies yesterday completed lists of most successful candidates and directed them to the BH parliament, which will appoint new management of the Office for Audit of Business of Institutions of BiH. This was confirmed yesterday by Dušanka Majkić, deputy chairperson of this commission. She […]

Assembly of Brčko on Auditor’s Report


Nezavisne novine: BRČKO – MPs of the Assembly of the Brčko District criticized yesterday the Mayor, Mirsad Đapo, and the whole Government because of findings of the auditor’s report, which discovered that every day for “representation” alone only in Đapo’s  cabinet 900 KM was spent per day. “Instead of by criteria for division of money, […]

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