Večernji list: The project of e-Government or electronic government, which is being established by the Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, already entered the serious phase of accomplishment. Part of wide and comprehensive project, at the same time also the first to be implemented, is the project of “sessions without paper”, which, as pointed out by Božidar Škravan, advisor to the minister Božo Ljubić, and head of the expert team in charge of establishment of e-Government project, should be finished by August this year.

Procurement of equipment

Ongoing is preparation of specification for procurement of equipment for introduction of inception part of implementation of “sessions without paper” and basic system for document management (LCD screens, wireless keyboards…), Škravan pointed out.
Project of electronic government, above all, will bring increased efficiency of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina through introduction of network system and basic services for communication and cooperation, which will mutually link all the ministries and institutions within the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Establishment of the system of e-Government has to follow suitable level of knowledge of the beneficiaries of that system. That way, as announced, ministers themselves will have to pass certain courses in order to be enabled for “electronic governance”. Besides ministers, which will be improved on voluntary basis, services in the ministries will have to pass the course.

The system will link all the ministries mutually, every respective ministry with the central Office of the Chairperson of the Council of Ministers, provide usage of the e-mail service, internet, etc. That way, Škravan pointed out, piles of documents ministers were bringing to the sessions of the Government will go only to the archives, and every minister from their computer will have an access to database established in the central Office of the Prime Minister, as well as access to personal database in the ministry.
E-Government in Bosnia and Herzegovina was started by the UNDP, with the money ensured by the European Commission, even few years ago, but neglect of the central authority for that project equalled zero, said Škravan, adding that what had been done was a sole credit of the UNDP.

EC money

But, when Božo Ljubić became the Minister of communications and transport, those things changed.
He, within ministry formed a team of university experts, lead by the advisor Škravan. Ljubić, on April 17 this year signed with the UNDP Promemoria – document on cooperation on the project “E-Government at the Council of Ministers”.