Session of the Joint Management Board of the PARF


Continuation of the Session of the Joint Management Board of the Public Administration Reform Fund will be held on Friday, February 8, 2008. The meeting Will be attended by the appointed members of the Joint Management Board – representatives of the Coordinator's Office, the Government of the Republic of Srpska, the Government of the Federation […]

Again without the agreement on the State Budget


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – The heads of caucuses of the six position parties in the BiH parliament and the minister of finances of BiH could not yesterday harmonize the draft BiH budget. This was confirmed by the party representatives. “The meeting was ended without the results. We cannot support the Draft sent by the Presidency […]

On budget of BiH, on February 13


Nezavisne novine: SARAJEVO – Dragan Vrankić, the Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH, started yesterday talks with the representatives of both houses of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH on the Proposal of the Budget for 2008, which is already in the parliamentary procedure. Beriz Belkić, deputy chairman of the House of Representatives of the […]

Moving in the restored building in the centre


Dnevni avaz: SARAJEVO – In the former Executive Council building, today the building of Greco-Bosnian friendship, there will be six state ministries, the Council for Regional Cooperation and the Directorate for European Integrations. Also, three offices will belong to the Embassy of Greece, the country which gave most of the money for restoration of this […]

Forming of the council very soon


Dnevni avaz: SARAJEVO – The Council of Ministers of BiH will very soon consider the Draft Law on the Fiscal Council of BiH. This was confirmed by Aleksandar Obradović, the advisor of the Chairman of the Council of Minister, Nikola Špirić. Adjustment of the state and entity governments on founding of the fiscal council lasts […]

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