Nezavisne novine: TREBINJE, PELAGIĆEVO – On the occasion of successful completion of the project of public administration reform, municipalities of Trebinje and Pelagićevo yesterday received their diplomas.

Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Trebinje, Jovo Vlatković, said hat the project was realized with the OSCE Mission, and was related with efficient and quality system of providing services of public administration, which the Municipality of Trebinje was implementing since December 2005. The most obvious change is establishment of modern and technically equipped centre for services to citizens.

The Municipality of Trebinje also achieved great progress in the field of human resources, where, as Vlatković said, Municipality was led by the fact that skills, knowledge and dedication of the Municipal staff determine successfulness and efficiency of every local administration.

The public administration reform by this certificate is not finished. As it was said, this is first step to improvement of services to citizens and by that, improvement of life in this environment.

Municipality of Trebinje increased the budget from 10 million, from 2004, to present 18 million.

Mirko Dragić, the Mayor of Pelagićevo, when he received the certificate, pointed out that a lot had been done in the past three years.

“Since 2004, until today, the budget of Pelagićevo increased by 80 per cent”, said Dragić.