Citizens suffer

Fokus: Reform of the sector of the public administration in B&H, so far has been done catastrophically, says Momir Dejanović, president of the Centre for Humane Policy.

– If we could decrease the percentage of the employees of this sector, as has been done by the surrounding countries, the budget of BiH and the entities would be over 200 million KM richer. Weak work of the sector of public administration has bad effect on citizens in B&H, so our research has shown that citizens have been damaged for over 50 million KM, stressed Dejanović

– The objective of the reform of the sector of public administration in BiH is to establish effective, transparent institutions, which would be at the service of the governments and citizens of B&H. This process is a political criterion, which was proposed by the EU as one of the conditions of association and it is necessary for signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement as well, explained Ms. Nevenka Savić, main coordinator in the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in B&H.