4.5 million euros for Public Administration Reform


SARAJEVO – Public Administration Reform Fund in BiH was established yesterday, which enabled usage of 4.5 million euros of donor resources for implementation of reform measures in this area. Establishment of the Fund was preceded by signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and the Common Platform on principles and manner of implementation of the Action […]

PAR Strategic documents signed


Signed Memorandum of Undestanding on establishment of PAR Fund and Common Platform on Pricimples and Implementation of PAR Strategy Action Plan 1. Prime ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation of BiH, Republic of Srpska, Brcko District Mayor, Minister of finances of BiH, Ambassadors of the Donor countries – Great Britain, Netherlands and Sweden, and Chief […]

MoU and CP signing – speech of Head of EC delegation


Speech of Dimitris Kourkoulas, Head of EC Delegation in BiH, on the signing of Memorandum of understanding and Common Platform. Respected Excellencies, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of the European Commission, it is my pleasure and honour to welcome you to this important event. I would like to say a few words on […]

EU Brunch


Public Administration Reform in BiH was the topic of the last EU Brunch, held on July the 6th in the EU Info Center of Municipality Old Town Sarajevo. EU Brunch is a monthly meeting with the press, in the framework of the 'Meet the Europe' Project which is being implemented by Directorate for EU Integrations […]

PAR Conference – Mr. Schwarz-Schilling’s speach


Ladies and Gentlemen, The meetings of the Peace Implementation Council that are taking place today and tomorrow in Sarajevo are extremely important. They are important because they are about the future of this country. They are about the transition from peace implementation to Euro-Atlantic integration. They are about ownership and about responsibility, that is the […]

Seminar on Institutional Communication


The Seminar on the beginning of the implementation of the PAR Strategy Action Plan 1 in the area of Institutional communications, organized by the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, took place in Sarajevo, on June 26th. The participants were the representatives of: Department for informing of the BiH Council of Ministers, FBiH and Brcko District […]

Adoption of the MoU


Adoption of Memorandum of Understanding – formal base for usage of the PAR fund resources. The implementation of Public Administration reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina is long, complicated and exceptionally expensive process. Reforming of the massive administrative apparatus demands significant funds which state alone hardly can provide. From that reason and with the goal of […]

Adoption of the Common Platform


Adoption of the Common Platform – formal base for the beginning of AP1 measures implementation "Common Platform on the principles and implementation of the Strategy on Public Administration Reform in BiH Action Plan 1" represents strategic document developed by the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in BiH. Its importance is reflects in establishment of the […]

Conclusions of the 13th session of Council of Ministers


Council of Ministers Bosnia and Herzegovina had 3 points regarded to the public administration reform process on its agenda on its 13th session, held at June the 7th, 2007. In that manner, we are stressing out the following: Council of Ministers made decision on approval of 330,000 KM from the budgetary reserves to the Public […]

Seminar on SAA implementation throughout European integration programme


The representatives of Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office took part in the seminar named "Implementation of the SAA throughout programme of European integration", organized by the Directorate for European integrations (DEI). The seminar has been held on Wednesday, 16th of May 2007, in the Building of BiH Institutions in Sarajevo, and the representatives of institutions […]

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